Why E-wallet

WYiiN’s eWallet offers conveniences to all users to connect directly with the product manufacturers, distributors, salespersons and retailers in a single mobile platform. Supports Android & iOS applications.
Manage & Track Product Warranties & their expiry dates
Built for Consumers & Businesses– Retailers, Salespersons & Manufacturers
Multilingual App Support – English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian & Thai
Smart Dashboard with Metrics & Analytics

Our Key Strengths

Simple & Fun

Save all your product warranties in one place in a secure, simple and enriching mobile app platform.

Quick & Easy

Scan and review photos of all product purchase warranty and receipts.

Safe Data Management

Saves Purchase Receipts, Warranty and notifies about warranty expirations.

Digital Tokens

Offers an effective and targeted loyalty and rewards redemption program.

Smart Statistics

Useful Warranty Insights & Predictive Analytics.

mobile case


Digital token are transacted via open sources distributed ledger technology to ensure highest security and non-dispute management.

Ability to register High Value products

Electronics, Transportation, Lifestyle & Health.

Anyone can use it

Greater Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty.

Enhanced Security

Secured App with Biometric Protection.

App for All

Free App.

How to use E-wallet?

mobile case
  • 1
    Download & Launch the App from Apple AppStore or Android Playstore
  • 2
    Add, edit, track & manage Product Warranties
  • 3
    Earn Tokens
  • 4
    Access the data on the go


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